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There are few things in this world that make me smile more than a Currey & Co light fixture.  They hit the mark every time, combining impeccable style with just a smidgen of that perfect "on point" moment of the minute.  This is a great example, the "Eyelash Chandelier":
​  ~ Jenny
"When I start a project with a client, we talk about personal style in a very concrete way.  with a casual conversation about  where they vacation, what their favorite music is or their favorite season, I can pull together a design perfectly suited to their personality.  To the left are the result of a meeting where the client described herself as bohemian, her husband as modern,,,, here were some of the suggestions I came up with."
  ~ Jenny.

​Let's talk about architectural elements. Take a close look at the photo of a living room I did in Scarsdale, NY.  Before the renovation this was a typical room, with simple popcorn ceilings, a standard door opening into the dining room and a basic 60" white colonial style mantle.  There were corner cabinets on either side of the fireplace and no stone anywhere.  The floors?  They were a builders' grade oak.  The client longed for a home with a history and loved the look of "collected" European style.  Here's what we did:

-We installed handscraped, engineered hardwood - this is real wood layered on composite or plywood to form a super strong flooring product. The pros?  Engineered hardwood can be produced in beautiful hand finishes for far less than custom finishing.  The Cons?  You really can't "refinish" engineered hardwood... but seriously, who would want to?

-Look closely and you'll see this photo captures some patching of a dome inserted in the ceiling above the cocktail ottoman.  This was installed to accent a beautiful Currey & Co birdcage lantern.  Pros?  The heightened interior allows for a bigger fixture in the center of the room.  Cons?  These domes, which are made from polystyrene, are more stable than most of the materials around them.  Sometimes there will be cracking around the dome during the first drastic weather changes.... once it's addressed it usually is permanently resolved.

-We purchased actual barn beams, installed and oiled them to accent the fireplace surround of stone facing.  We created brackets for the beams where they wrapped the corner of the fireplace vertically, considering the odd little characteristic  groves and notches.  Pros?  This installation speaks for itself.  Cons?  The only con might be cost... installation of REAL architectural elements is a bit more expensive.  In my opinion, for this particular situation, it was well worth it!

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